Whether you are in operating in the Civil, Commercial, Rural or Residential space, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps have specialist technicians for all electrical, pump and water filtration systems that needs installation, maintenance and repair. To filter, click on the links below to see how we can serve your industry.

Water treatment and filtration

Water filtration, treatmemt and safety is crucial to living a healthy, happy life.
We are an installer of Microlene filters - bench-top or under-bench - which provide great tasting water for drinking, cooking and other domestic use. Filter cartridges generally need changing every three years, to make life easy, we'll send you a reminder when your filter is due to be changed. Give us a call to easily get your water sorted!

Tap water has been known to contain levels of various contaminants and potentially harmful compounds. Drinking filtered water is the best way to make sure the water you're drinking not only tastes great but is safe and as beneficial for your body as it can be.
With the introduction of the Taumata Arowai legislation, getting your water safe and drankable is soon going to be a legal requirement!
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Plastic water bottles take up to 700 years to break-down. Help the environment (and save yourself money!) by using filtered tap water and re-useable water bottles instead.

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