Whether you are in operating in the Civil, Commercial, Rural or Residential space, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps have specialist technicians for all electrical, pump and water filtration systems that needs installation, maintenance and repair. To filter, click on the links below to see how we can serve your industry.

Pump installation and servicing

Our skilled team of installers can supply and install all types of quality pumps, we've got pumps for private sewerage, sump, tank water, swimming pools and spa pools.
We are also your go-to for pump maintenance and repairs.

Pumps for swimming pools and spas

We install, maintain and repair all brands of swimming pool and spa pool pumps.
We will correctly match the pump and filtration equipment to suit the size of your pool where replacements or new installations are required.
We design and install all water reticulation systems, including putting in the pipe-work, pumps, tanks, control systems and filters.

We also supply and install water meters for Variation 6 compliance.

Got a spa or a swimming pool at home?

It's important to make sure the electrics are checked and maintained on a regular basis to ensure it's safe and working efficiently. We can do this and also provide and install your spa pool filter!
We recommend changing your filter every few months and servicing the electrics every 12 months.

Check out Trevs Tips for more info!

Pool filtration

Setting up your swimming pool filtration system right first time is key to easy maintenance. People often struggle to keep their swimming pool clean and, most of the time the wrong size filter is to blame.
That's where we come in.
We will correctly size, supply and install the right filtration system for your pool and we also take care of the required regular changing of your pool filter media, using your choice of three media types.

Heard of glass bead media for swimming pools?

Glass beads are a new generation of filter media. They are safe to use, chemically inert and deliver outstanding water clarity. We are a supplier of Waterco Glass Pearls which are manufactured from 100% pure glass.

Glass Pearls offer much finer filtration than conventional filter media, filtering out anything larger than 3 microns. The result? Superior water quality. The unique spherical smooth shape results in lower friction levels inside the filter, therefore requiring only 20% of the water you would use to backwash a sand filter. This saves you both time and water.

Read more about Glass Pearls here

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