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Here we have a collection of some our projects we have completed in recent years

The South Waikato District Council is responsible for maintaining the water quality of all of their water supplies.

Tirau, Arapuni, Putaruru (Glenshea and Te Waihou) and Lichfield. The time was approaching for the drinking water pump station of Putaruru to be refurbished and as per the Council's policy, the work was put out to tender. This process was overseen by the Tauranga based consultancy, Calibre Group.

A longstanding client of New Zealand Electrical & Pumps, the Hamilton branch of Brown Brothers Engineers was initially approached. Neil knew that Trev and the team had the skills and capacity to get the job done in time without significant disruption to the water supply of Putaruru and he was confident to refer New Zealand Electrical & Pumps to Calibre Group.

After an initial conversation between Calibre Group and Trev guaging the scope and the cost of refurbishing the drinking water pump station, the specification was ready to go out to tender. Trev received a call from the South Waikato District Council Projec Manager and was asked to submit a tender.

Trev and the team already had a good idea of what needed to be done, and included in the tender how they would go about getting through the work with the least amount of disruption.

The project involved removing the existing pump and pipework from the town drinking water station and then to manufacture, supply and install new pumps and pipes and all the associated electrical control work.

The tender was submitted and shortly after that, the South Waikato Diatrcit Council awarded the tender to New Zealand Electical & Pumps.

Grant Hammond, the project manager from the Council had this to say.

"Dealing with the team for New Zealand Electrical & Pumps was great. They were super easy to deal with. You could see that they were well prepared and had planned out how they were going to execute the project. The team worked to a two shift roster - day and night, which minimised the downtime. This was great and we only had 2-3 days downtime, and no disruption to the water supply as the other pump stations were able to cope with the demand."

"For a first time tender winner, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps executed the plan to perfection. The teams got on well with each other and the wealth of experience Trev brings to the table gave everyone the confidence and ensured that it was smooth sailing. Taking out old booster pumps is actually quite a major undertaking. You could see the labourt was intense at times, but they breeze through it, honestly they made it look easy."

"The two new pumps and the one smaller pump for off-peak and redundancy is an effective solution and the pumpgs are going well, really well."

"I wouldn't hesitateusing them again. Definitely worth having them onboard. Trev is really good to deal with. His level of expertise and knowledge is fantastic."

The town of Putaruru's drinking water is secured and the pump station is now fully refurbished.

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