Our Projects

Here we have a collection of some our projects we have completed in recent years

Glenn Walsh was keen on getting his pool ready for summer, but not only ready, he wanted to give it a proper refurbishment and make it a feature of his property.

The company tasked with the project was Fibreglass Solutions as they were asked to handle the interior and the paving around the pool. Glenn was keen on getting a new pump, filters and lights for the pool as well as a new pump for the waterfall that needed a revamp.

He wanted one company to handle all of that, so after a quick Google search, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps came up as the ideal candidate for the job being a specialist company dealing with pumps, electrical work and filtration systems. Glenn contacted the team to look at his system and to quote on what he wanted.

Here are a few photos of what the pool looked like before...

  1. 20210813_163509
  2. Pool before
  3. 20210816_161243
  4. 20210902_165240

Unbeknownst to Glenn, Trev and Kelvin from Fibre Solutions not only know each other, Kelvin is Trev's nephew! So it was plain sailing getting the job done as the teams worked very well together.

While Kelvin and his team worked on the pool, the New Zealand Electrical & Pumps team put in a new pool pump, new pool filter, new pond pump for the waterfall and new LED pool lights which light up at night and give a fantastic glow!

At the end of the day, the job went swimmingly and the result speaks for it self.

  1. 20211007_085748
  2. 20211007_090943
  3. Night with lights

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