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From purified drinking water to the filtering of effluent at the dairy shed, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps Ltd will ensure you have the right filtration system for your needs.

Clean, great tasting water is a major attraction for dairy cows. They drink more, are healthier, and produce greater quantities of milk. By removing minerals such as iron and manganese from your water supply, you're ensuring the water it is safe for your animals to drink, providing opportunities to improve herd health and reduce maintenance costs.

We are proud to be a Premium Master Dealer of Davey's Microlene Farm systems. The Davey Microlene Farm System is a self-contained unit providing healthy water through filtration, purification and disinfection.

The Davey Microlene Farm system can improve your farm's productivity whether the source is groundwater, rivers, streams, dams or bores.

Water Quality service

Our team come to you and offer a comprehensive water-quality service, with full lab-testing procedures. We design and install correct water treatment systems for specific needs to overcome individual problems such as:

  • pH correction for water hardness
  • Reducing calcium build-up and corrosion in pipes and hot water cylinders
  • Macrolite and chlorine treatment for iron and manganese removal.
  • We also recommend the use of water softeners for effective removal of iron from water.
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Value Proposition - Filtration Services

Water filtration for drinking water, swimming pool, sewage and effluent, New Zealand Electrical & Pumps Ltd does it all. We have the expertise to ensure you have the right water filtration system in your home, farm, or business.